What (besides graduating!) the graduates enjoyed most about visiting UIS

Meeting people—professors, advisors, students

“I loved having the chance to sit and chat in person with my professors and classmates, and was gratified to feel the strength of our online community and that we actually really did know each other, even though we had never met in person before.” Jackie de Batista

“Most significant for me was meeting my adviser and some of my online faculty at the brunch, in addition to other dignitaries. The personal connections made in an hour or two easily overshadowed the e mails I received from them over the past three years, although their work to communicate with me virtually was outstanding. The entire staff at UIS made me and my family feel very welcome.” Larry Brown

“These past few years I have interacted with professors on discussion boards and via email, have heard many of their voices through PowerPoint presentations and podcasts, and have even spoken with them during Microsoft Lync sessions, but as an out-of-state student I have never had the opportunity to meet any of them in person. It was such a pleasure to put faces with names, and such an odd and wonderful feeling to finally meet people that I have ‘known’ for so long already!” Dana Papanikolaou

“Meeting the professors.” Dimas Flores

“I thought it was great to meet people in person that I have worked with in classes. I have done projects and had discussions with so many people that I had no idea who they were. It was awesome to finally put faces with the people.” Bill Frisbee

“The best part of my visit to UIS was having the opportunity to meet and thank my professors and classmates, as they really challenged my thinking, encouraged me in my learning, and kept me engaged in the process. I really could not have done it without them!” Berni Leahy

Online brunch

“The online graduate brunch was really nice. Very, very nice.” Jackie de Batista

Seeing campus

“I enjoyed getting to see how pretty the campus is! It was great to finally see the place that gave me the opportunity to get my Master’s without having to sacrifice a ton of time with my family to drive and be in class!” Staci Coussens

“It was nice seeing the campus.” Bill Frisbee


“My family and I also had a great time in Springfield. We toured the Lincoln Museum, which was nothing short of excellent, Lincoln’s Tomb, the Capitol, and thoroughly enjoyed the Art Scene event downtown.” Jackie de Batista