Just for fun–A catchall of facts (hometown restaurants and sights, books, movies, bucket lists)

Just for fun–A catchall of facts

In writing about the seven UIS graduates, we covered the predictable items: hometown, degree, career, plans. On this page, we go beyond the “template” to find out some personal preferences and recommendations. Enjoy!

Recommendations for when you visit their hometowns:

Jackie de Batista: “Pecatonica is located near Rockford, Illinois, which has a very active local foods and craft beer scene. If you’re passing through the region, make sure to swing by for some great food and drink.”

Larry Brown: “The best thing for visitors is our Lilac Festival every May. Come also to Sacred Heart Church’s Germanfest in Lombard, July 16 -19, for the best brats and beer that won’t break your budget. Free, exceptionally good live entertainment. No admission fee. Casino, Carnival, and kids’ games. Bingo, too.. Any other time, come to Portillo’s for a great hot dog or beef, or try The Honey Jam Cafe at Butterfield and Finley road in Downers Grove for a great breakfast (also owned by Portillo’s).”

Staci Coussens: Maggie Miley’s in Uptown Normal.

Bill Frisbee: “Any visitor passing through Beloit on a Saturday morning in the summer should stop by our farmer’s market. The market has over 85 vendors and draws over 5,000 visitors each week. Two of my favorite restaurants in the area are Anna Maria’s for pizza and The Captain’s Galley for sub sandwiches. Both restaurants are in South Beloit.”

Berni Leahy: Central Park Zoo! (where she works as a vet tech)

Dana Papanikolaou: “Cedarburg, WI, is a quaint, historic little city, full of friendly faces and quirky gift shops. It’s a lot of fun, but I probably shouldn’t tell people that – I don’t want the secret to get out…. If you pass through Cedarburg, make it during the Wine and Harvest Festival in September, when our town of 11,000 swells to over 100,000 people for the weekend.”

Recommended books in students’ academic fields:

Larry Brown: Writing with Power by Peter Elbow. It is as practical for writing as a dictionary and thesaurus.

Dimas Flores: On Liberty by John Stuart Mill. It’s a small book that is thick in substance.

Bill Frisbee: Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Michael Sandel. In the book, Sandel challenges readers to look at difficult situations and try to determine right from wrong.

Movies the graduates have enjoyed watching more than once:

Larry Brown: I, Robot

Dimas Flores: Nacho Libre

Dana Papanikolaou: Clueless, Home Alone, Elf, and Love, Actually (She is also “addicted” to The Office.)

Places they would like to visit (starting with B, L, T)

Boston, Barcelona (Spain), Botswana (to see the gorillas in the wild)

London, Liverpool, Lhasa, Tibet (“Llasa is one of the highest cities in the world.”)

Tahiti, Thailand, Thailand (“We visited Bangkok on a one day layover; I really want to explore more of the country.”)

Favorite picnic/ethnic/celebration/late night food

Bill Frisbee: “I really enjoy trying new ethnic foods. One of my favorites so far is chicken tikka masala (Indian).”

Dana Papanikolaou: “My favorite anytime food is my mom’s secret recipe homemade onion dip. Words cannot express its magnificence.”