Dimas Flores

Dimas Flores
Dimas Flores

Dimas Flores
BA Philosophy and Mathematics
Oswego, IL

Dimas Flores says that taking courses at UIS was never really about getting a certain job or career advancement: “I wanted to major in what interested me most.”

Having decided UIS was the best option for his college program, he chose to major in philosophy (historically considered the queen of the sciences) and math.

He has appreciated the diverse range of students in his online classes, but wishes there were a way for interactions to be more instantaneous and raw. “For a subject like philosophy,” he says, “I have to believe that would help the learning process.”

Looking back, he is particularly pleased with two projects he completed:

  • A paper entitled Intellectual Impudence as a Metaphysical Virtue, which he wrote for a recently completed class;
  • The commercial black iron grill he put together with the help of his union hall, SMART 265 (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers), for the Hesed House in Aurora. “It was a project that I did while in Social Change and Leadership (EXL 362-ECCE). I am hopeful that it will be a big part of feeding that area’s homeless community.”

His undergraduate program may eventually lead to law school or a Master’s in Business Administration. He says, “I am going to take the next year off from any type of schooling and prepare for the GMAT and LSAT.”

As he does so, he will continue to work in his current career as a tradesman, but will eventually leave that work to focus solely on his education. “I hope to find myself in position for an upward climb,” he says. “If I can find time I would also love to learn more about computer programming.”

The advice he frequently gives to others? Get over it.