Andrew Cole: A New Voice for Online Students at UIS 

Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole, UIS Assistant Director of Marketing for Online & Graduate Recruiting

Andrew Cole has been hired to be your voice about online education to the wider UIS community and to prospective students here and abroad.

He will be gathering stories and information about your experiences so other students, alumni and prospective students can receive the full benefit of a UIS online degree.

As you know, an online degree at UIS has the same teachers, the same curriculum as an on campus degree. This education is uniquely accessible, flexible, and available where you are, but it has the power to change lives, skills and perspectives just as much as an on campus education. Andrew wants people to know that, but he also wants to work on your behalf:

Here’s what Andrew is hoping to do for you:

  • Allow you to share your experience with other students—both current and prospective students: No one knows more about being an online student at UIS than you and other online students. It’s your voice we need. Through your stories, others who can also benefit from an online education at UIS can hear about the challenges your faced, how you met them (or didn’t), and how UIS responded to those challenges. This will encourage current students and help prepare prospective students for the online programs.
  • Improve the online experience for other students: One of the first things, Andrew wants to do is improve the UIS online information website. He would also like to know when during an academic semester or year that students need information about resources or opportunities. Your input will be very valuable during this process, and will ultimately benefit other online students.
  • Inspire professors and staff with your stories of struggle and success: The people who interact with you at UIS find great satisfaction in the work they do, but there’s always room for encouragement and inspiration. A story of your struggles and successes will do that and allow them to better understand how to help online students.
  • Gain a bigger voice for online students and alumni at UISThis is your university. You are as valuable and valued as any other student, and he wants everyone on campus to know how much you add to the university, its reputation and its success.

To achieve all this, Andrew needs your help.

  1. He has already begun contacting online students to learn the stories of why you choose online, how UIS online is working for you, challenges you have had to overcome, suggestions you have for other students, and what your degree will (or has).Please consider taking time out of your busy schedule to work with Andrew. Anything he produces will be used only in ways you approve. He will not take your words out of context, and he’s committed to presenting you in the best light. He is definitely an advocate for you and other online students and alumni.
  2. He will also be asking for ways that UIS can improve access to information about online education so that taking advantage of the online learning experience as good as possible. You can start with the online information website. Do you have any suggestions for him? You can email him using his contact information at this email address:

One last thing to know about Andrew

He’s one of you because he received his certificate in IT Project Management online.

He will have some other responsibilities at UIS, but because of his own experiences he feels a deep commitment to online students and alumni, so please remember his name, and when he contacts you, let him hear your stories and ideas.