Sherri Martin, Online Student and STARS Presenter

Sherri Martin, whose mentor was Dr. Lan Dong, presented on “Oppression within Oppression: A Feminist Reading of The House on Mango Street.” (Scroll down on this list of 2014 Student Presentations to find Sherri’s name and then find her portion on the linked video.)

Photograph of Sherri Martin
Sherri Martin

I heard about the Symposium from an English professor of mine, Lan Dong. She had asked me if I would be interested in presenting. Since I had previously presented for my last college, I jumped at the chance.

I know the value of these experiences and recommend that others follow suit. It not only looks good for your academic record, but your resume, too.

Personally, I wanted to improve my current skills as much as I wanted to demonstrate those I already had. Plus, I am an English major, which means, for me, that I love to share my theories and research concerning the books I love to read.

Since I live in Fremont, Ohio, I was given the opportunity to present via the internet. Of course, my husband and I love to travel and do so frequently. Thus, we had no problem coming to Springfield so I could present in person. I had a blast and would not trade the experience for anything. I loved being able to see the campus first hand and meeting some of my professors, too.

Essentially, the Symposium and the experienced offered was terrific and I am so grateful for having had the chance.

-Sherri Martin


*UIS does have limited funds for online students to travel to Springfield to present at STARS in person. Please speak with your prospective mentor/professor about applying for these funds.