Alumni Sketch: Sherri Martin

Sherri Martin
Sherri Martin

Current location: Fremont, Ohio

Hometown: Fremont, Ohio

UIS Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English in 2015.

Current Position

Adjunct English Instructor at Terra State Community College

Career Highlights

“I just graduated (June 2017) with my Master of Arts Degree in English from Southern New Hampshire University. I started teaching this fall.  😊 That, to me, is the highlight thus far.”

Why I pursued my degree

“I wanted to teach English at Terra State Community College.”

Interesting fact

“In 2015, I came to the UIS campus to make a presentation at the UIS Student, Technology, Arts and Research Symposium. It was an awesome experience. I even had people come up to me afterwards to tell me how they would love to sit in one of my classrooms when I become a teacher. How cool and encouraging was that?”