Kayla Puckett takes her online classes with her

head and shoulders photograph of Kayla Puckett, a UIS online student

Here’s a riddle: Why has Kayla Puckett’s older daughter, only three years old, lived in five houses since she was born?

If your answer is military, you are correct. Kayla’s husband recently completed six years in the service. “We are back home now near both of our families,” Kayla says.

During their travels, Kayla decided to pursue a business degree and enrolled at UIS. “Online works best for me since I am able to care for my daughters during the day and do my school work at night while they are sleeping.” (Though she acknowledges that her second daughter, only 8 months old, doesn’t do much sleeping yet!)

She chose business because it offered such a broad range of opportunities for her future. She’s not sure what business career she will choose after graduation, but is attracted to something with logistics. Most of all, she wants to play a valued role in the company’s success.

Kayla says it has been a great privilege to learn from UIS’ amazing teachers: “Every teacher I have had so far has been engaged and helpful. They truly want their students to succeed not only in their classes, but in life as well.

This year, Kayla received the Richard and Charlene Osborne Scholarship, for which she feels blessed. She says, “Because of the Osbornes’ generosity, I will be able to accomplish my educational goals while being less of a burden on my family’s finances. It also allows me to finish my degree sooner and start my career.”