Jeremy Zwaga finds his perfect career

Head and shoulders photograph of Jeremy Zwaga, a UIS studentLike many online students at UIS, Jeremy Zwaga enrolled after “a brief detour” into another career landscape.

“After I earned my Bachelor’s in biological sciences,” Jeremy explains, “I planned to become a Physician’s Assistant, but eventually learned this was not the path for me.”

Always interested in the natural world, Jeremy happened to come across geographic information systems, which uses the computer to capture, store, analyze and display geographic data.

Extremely useful in many areas of life, GIS can be especially so for the environment. Examples of environmental uses include:

“GIS combined the natural world with computers,” Jeremy says, “so when I came across UIS’ environmental studies program, I decided this was the track I wanted to take.”

Jeremy and his family have recently moved from Illinois to Tucson, Arizona, where he has taken a job as a GIS Specialist with Ricoh USA, Inc. He will continue his online classes at UIS.

This year, Jeremy received the Environmental Studies Alumni Award, established in 1997 by alumni, faculty and students of the Environmental Studies Program.

“I am grateful for the Environmental Studies Alumni Award because it allows me to continue my education,” Jeremy says.