Career Q& A – Online Newsletter (May 2019) 

Q1: What are the career services and resources available after graduation? 

A1: The first semester after graduation recent UIS graduates have access to all-inclusive career services and resources as currently registered students.

The second semester after graduation, recent UIS graduates have access to the following career services and resources: Career Suite advising, career seminars, events, and career fairs, as well as access to online resources – CareerConnect, OptimalResume, FOCUS 2, and GoinGlobal

Fee package options available for the stated time frames above include:

  • Recently graduated alumni: within 1-year post graduation
  • Alumni: 1+ years post-graduation.

Service Length

  • Spring Semester: January 1st – May 14th
  • Summer Semester: May 15th – August 14th
  • Fall Semester: August 15th – December 31st

If alumni have additional questions, please contact the Career Development Center at 217-206-6508 or

Q2: How can I leverage LinkedIn for my job search? 

A2: You can use LinkedIn as a resource to highlight your professional skills and experience by building and maintaining an up to date profile.  It can also be a great source for networking contacts.

Q3: How can I make and use Networking Business Cards?

A3: You can use Networking Business Cards at job fairs, conferences, or whenever you meet a new career contact one-on-one. Be sure to carry some with you wherever you go so it’s easy for people you meet to follow up.

What to include on your Networking Business Card:

  • Name and email address. Phone number is optional depending on your comfort level.
  • Your degree and/or a broad description of your work.
  • Links. LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, and/or website.
  • Optional extras. A brief statement highlighting what you have to offer or a list of 3-5 key skills

You can find templates in word processing programs or at websites like Avery (where there are 1,000+ designs). Check out some great examples of Networking Business cards, then create your own!