Meet Online Coordinator for Computer Science, Adonis Fuller

Photograph of Adonis Fuller
Adonis Fuller, Online Coordinator for UIS Computer Science

10 Things to Know about Adonis Fuller

  1. He was a business major at college and he later earned an MBA. His first job after graduation was as in admissions—his housing director at college suggested the job to him. Eventually he decided to move more into retention than recruitment, which led to jobs in housing and then career development. Now, as an online coordinator, he’s does both recruitment and retention. “I still get to use a lot of the principles from business in this role.”
  2. Adonis took a Java I class online. He wanted to know what his students would experience—especially those with no computing background—and he wanted at least a little knowledge of programming. Now, when a student comes in and they want to know what it’s like to take an online class, especially a computer science course, he can speak from his own experience.
  3. He sees himself as students’ “feet on the ground” at UIS. If students have questions he can’t answer, he wants to point them to the right person. His goal is to minimize the students’ frustrations. “If I can, I do the legwork or at least narrow down the number of people they have to contact.” He says this is the most challenging part of his job because he wants so much to have students’ education at UIS work for them.
  4. His background in career development makes him a better online coordinator. At some point in his conversations with students, they take the time to explain to Adonis where they are coming from and where they want to end up. Some want to qualify for a promotion. Others have degrees in other fields and want to switch over to computer science. He likes having those conversations with students and creating a roadmap with them for achieving their goals.
  5. Sometimes he just listens. Occasionally students call him about difficulties (“usually time issues”) or their plans—“I know I was going along this route, but I’m now considering this. Do you think this might be a good idea?” On these calls, the students talk, and Adonis listens, and soon the students have figured out for themselves what they need to do. He’s happy to help in this way.
  6. Here’s what success in his job looks like: Adonis knows he’s succeeded as an online coordinator when students stop reaching out to him, because it means students have built strong relationships with faculty members and now seek them out for advice about classes and problems. He’s still happy to have them reach out to him, of course! The real celebration comes at the online brunch when students are graduating with their degrees.
  7. He’s a military child—so all you computer science majors on military bases, he’s been where you are. When he was nine, his mother, a sergeant in the Army, moved him to Utah. He also lived in Maryland, Georgia, and Alaska—which counted as an overseas assignment. “It was nice meeting new people and seeing some differences,” he says.
  8. His sergeant mom instilled in him a standard of excellence. “Before I could go to my basketball games or practice, I had to make sure that my mopping, sweeping, dusting and other chores were done, and with my mom, there was no half doing anything. She’d say, ‘If you’re going to do it, do it well. That way you don’t have to come back and do it later, and you’re making the most of your time.’”
  9. A college athlete, he still plays basketball any chance he gets. “I enjoy playing it. I enjoy watching it and studying it. I’ve been involved in basketball since fifth grade.” He doesn’t have a favorite team, but he does have favorite players, especially LeBron James and Chris Paul. If they are on, he will try to watch them.
  10. Adonis also likes gaming, especially NBA 2K, Destiny and Madden.

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