A Special Commencement Celebration for Online Graduates and Guests

Voices from the Brunch

Dr. Susan Koch, UIS Chancellor
Dr. Susan Koch

Dr. Susan J. Koch, Chancellor

“I so admire the discipline and the courage that you, as online graduates have demonstrated to get yourselves to this day. As your chancellor, I’m very, very proud of you, and I really wish you all the best as you move on and as your University of Illinois degree adds to your portfolio of credentials and contributes to your success in the future. The first value of the University of Illinois is to aim high. Obviously, you are already aiming high. You are here. You are going to walk across the stage today. I encourage you to continue aiming high. Congratulations.”

Dr. Dennis Papini, UIS Provost
Dr. Dennis Papini

Dr. Dennis Papini, Provost

“The really good work by disciplined people like you, capable of disciplined thought and taking disciplined action, starts on Monday. Enjoy the weekend. Be proud of yourself, and we’re proud of you. And thank you for becoming a part of the UIS family.”

Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning
Ray Schroeder

Ray Schroeder, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Online Learning

“This past year, we served thousands of students located in 48 states and a dozen foreign countries. More than one-third of all UIS students are online learners, and some 98% of those who cross the stage with you today will have taken at least one online class. You are not alone, and we are so grateful for your participation.”

Dr. Vickie Cook, Executive Director, Center for Online Learning, Research & Service
Dr. Vickie Cook

Dr. Vickie Cook, Executive Director, COLRS

“Today there are 422 students from 36 states who completed a degree or certificate through one of our UIS online programs. Over 70 of those students are here today, representing 11 states. Almost 28% of UIS graduates are online students. Today we are celebrating this commencement and graduation with students from India, Canada, Japan, across the US and Puerto Rico.”

Fereshteh Morgan, UIS Graduate and Student Speaker

Photo Gallery of the 2018 Brunch for UIS Online Graduates