First Time Online?

Student Registration

Students register for online classes through the UIS Office of Records and Registration. Application for admission to UIS is a requirement for all courses at UIS. The time it takes to be admitted to the University varies for each student depending up prior education, residency, and other factors.



Blackboard is the learning management system at UIS — it is where you access your class materials and interact with your professor and fellow students.

Blackboard has an easy to navigate interface for students and a simple file upload process that requires no knowledge of HTML coding or web-based formatting.

Blackboard offers 24/7 access to your course.


Accessing Blackboard

A Blackboard course site is created for every course taught at UIS, though not all instructors choose to use them. Students are automatically enrolled in Blackboard sites for the courses for which they have registered. Blackboard course sites officially open at 12:01 a.m. on the first day of classes each semester, though some faculty choose to open their courses early. Some faculty may choose to email their students prior to the first day of class with information, as well.

UIS students and faculty access all Blackboard courses through the same portal. You may also go to the UIS Home Page and click on “Quick Links.”

Your UIS Campus NetID username and password are used to access Blackboard.

Login with your UIS Network Identification (NetID) username and password. Verify or establish your UIS NetID. If you experience problems logging into the Blackboard server, contact the UIS Tech Support staff for further assistance.


Help with Blackboard

Brief text and video tutorials on Blackboard are available.