2016-2018 Faculty Fellows

Cheng-Chia (Brian) Chen

Chen_Bio_PhotoDr. Chen, Assistant Professor of Public Health, will explore the application of educational technologies in online/blended teaching and learning environments. He will research the use of online debate and its impact on student satisfaction, as well as the effectiveness of gamification in the context of learning and student performance.



Scott Day

scott dayDr. Day, Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, will investigate design-based approaches to improving online courses using peer review and analytics, from incremental course changes, developing communities of inquiry in online courses, and pedagogical approaches to massive open online courses.




Kristin Osiecki

kristin osieckiDr. Osiecki, Assistant Professor of Public Health will investigate the effectiveness of experiential learning looking at student perceptions on how they learn; student perceptions on the qualities they want in an instructor on approaching learning and a Public and Me Engagement survey to determine their level of involvement in the public health community.  With journal entries, students will critically reflect on their own learning, connecting their experience to theory and gaining insight into themselves and their interactions with the world.



Carolee Rigsbee

RigsbeeDr. Rigsbee, Assistant Professor of Management, will be undergoing the Quality Matters quality assurance process for her online courses in the College of Business and Management. As part of this process, she will quantify the benefits of a Quality Matters assessment for instructors and students.