2015-2017 Faculty Fellows

Harshavardhan Bapat


Dr. Harshavardhan Bapat, Associate Professor in Chemistry, is investigating the usage of adaptive learning software in Chemistry courses. He plans to assess the effectiveness of adaptive learning software as related to competency-based learning, using its data analytics features, and in-class assessment of student learning.



Anne-Marie Hanson

Anne-Marie Hanson

Dr. Anne-Marie Hanson, Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies, is investigating  the quality and effectiveness of using online coursework in helping students gain practical skills for environmental careers.  She is also researching the use of online resources for digital storytelling of place-based environmental issues.



Ranjan Karri

rk-picDr. Ranjan Karri, Associate Professor in Management, is researching the impact of blended environments for undergraduate and graduate learning.  He aims to develop a theoretical model to describe the relationship between student characteristics, delivery mode, and effectiveness.