2014-2016 Faculty Fellows

T. Price Dooley

Ty Dooley

Dr. T. Price Dooley, Assistant Professor in Public Administration is exploring the quality of online courses as it relates to human capital development.



 Layne Morsch


Dr. Layne Morsch, Associate Professor in Chemistry, is researching how different technologies can increase the interactions among students in an online class.



Elissa Thomann Mitchell

ETM pic

Dr. Elissa Thomann Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Child and Family Studies in Human Services, is researching the use of asynchronous debate as a way to promote collaboration and critical thinking among online students.



 Traci Van Prooyen


Dr. Traci Van Prooyen, Assistant Professor in Teacher Education, is researching the impact of wearable technology (Google Glass) and its implementation, use, impact, and critique in teacher education programs and for individuals (novice and veteran) who may use this technology.