2011-2013 Faculty Fellows

Josiah Alamu

Photo of Josiah AlamuUsing the Community of Inquiry (CoI) model to measure the impact of the incorporation a personal communication and collaboration tool, such as Google Wave, into an introductory biostatistics course.

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James Hall

Photo of James HallInvestigate interactive online technology demonstrations within courses, particularly for decision support system illustrations such as Geographic Information Systems. Pursue research opportunities for inter-institutional collaborative distance learning projects with both public and private agencies.

Learn more about James on the Department of Management Information Systems faculty page.


Sharron LaFollette

Sharron LaFolletteMy current research interest of online pedagogy has three areas:

  • Exploring how to best utilize Internet resources and databases in class projects while decreasing time commitment to learn how to use these for the student.
  • Investigating whether asynchronous engagement of students online can improve student outcome in the course.
  • Develop assessment strategies to evaluate how online pedagogies can be used more effectively in case-study driven closure exams to better evaluate student learning outcomes against curriculum competencies.

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Michael Lane

Photograph of Mike Lane

Assessing the effectiveness and impact of the online offerings in the Educational Leadership department, including educational reform, assessment literacy, rural education, and online learning. Read more.

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Dan Matthews

Photo of Dan MatthewsApplication of the Community of Inquiry (COI) theoretical perspective to understand changes in course processes and outcomes following a Quality Matters review of the course.

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Keith Miller

Keith Miller Continue his NSF sponsored research into whether incorporating ethics into introductory courses improves student performance.

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Will Miller

Photograph of Will MillerAt this time I am interested in two areas. I have done some thinking and writing on “mode neutral” blended course delivery and its impact on student learning and course philosophy. Second, I would like to work in developing ways to evaluate the outcome of online education especially as it relates to education for public service.

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Laurel Newman

Photo of Laurel NewmanExamination of the role of organizational culture on the quality of online learning; investigating how adult students utilize adaptive strategies to manage the additional role of online student on top of existing work and family responsibilities; and evaluating the impact of completing an online degree on the career and life-course of an online student.

Learn more about Laurel on the Department of Management faculty page.


Denise Sommers

Denise Sommers Integrate cognitive, social, and emotional presence in online courses to effectively increase student learning and engagement; continue to investigate the use of service learning to increase the development of theory to practice; and investigate the development of leadership qualities within marginalized groups.

Learn more about Denise on the Department of Human Services faculty page.  Denise established the Leadership Human Services Scholarship that supports an online graduate student who is pursuing a Social Service Administration concentration.


Marcel Yoder

Marcel YoderI intend to examine the role of journaling as a means to promote rapport between students and instructors and enhance students’ perceptions of the online learning process.

Learn more about Marcel on the Department of Psychology faculty page.