Sloan-c Fellows

About the Award

Starting in 2010, the Sloan Consortium will recognize individual members of the Sloan Consortium as Sloan-C Fellows. Recognition as a Sloan-C Fellow is one of unusual professional distinction and is conferred by the Sloan-C Board of Directors upon individual members of the Sloan Consortium who have:

  • outstanding and extraordinary qualifications in the field of online learning;
  • significant experience in online learning or an allied field;
  • a record of distinguished service to Sloan-C or the field; and
  • extraordinary contributions or leadership in the field of online learning (from Sloan-C website).

UIS Sloan-C Fellows

Burks Oakley II
Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Scholar in Residence, Center for Online Learning, Research and Service
University of Illinois at Springfield

“For innovative and inspirational work in the conceptualization, implementation, and advocacy of online learning in higher education on a national scale.”

Ray E. Schroeder
Director, Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service
Professor Emeritus of Communication
University of Illinois at Springfield

“For increasing access to higher education by cultivating a breadth of online degree programs and for chronicling the progress of the theory and practice of online education through new media.”

Karen P. Swan
Stukel Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership
College of Education and Human Services
University of Illinois at Springfield

“For rigorous research that has advanced our understanding of learning effectiveness in online and blended education.”

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