Sloan-c Award for Excellence in Institution-wide Online Teaching and Learning

About the Award

The Sloan-C Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online TeachingPhotograph of Ralph Gomory, Shari McCurdy Smith, and Frank Mayadas at the Sloan-C Awards Ceremony 2007. and Learning was presented to the University of Illinois at Springfield on November 7, 2007.

The Sloan-C award report stated, “In the In the 2006–2007 academic year, a total of 6,037 different students took classes at UIS. Of those, 3,540 (59%) took at least one online class, and an impressive 1,680 (28%) of the students took only online classes. Out of approximately 98,000 credit hours generated at the university this past year, nearly 32,000 credit hours, or very nearly one-third (more than 32%), were from online classes. More than 200 online classes will be offered during the Fall 2007 term. […] The College of Business and Management at UIS recently received AACSB accreditation. In the final report, the AACSB peer review team commended the college for ‘developing and delivering high quality, on-line degree programs.’ Further, the report stated ‘the institution has invested in infrastructure, including facilities and the latest technological equipment and support staff to deliver online programs.'”

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