Join our Team

Team members from across the UIS campus have attended the three day train the trainer workshop and then provide NCBI facilitated workshops while encouraging and promoting coalition building through various programmatic initiatives. Members are engaged in increasing our campus’ pro-active response to bias, controversy, and intergroup conflict.

How to Join the team:

  1. Complete the UIS NCBI Membership Application
  2. Attend the prejudice reduction workshop: Leadership for Equity & Inclusion
  3. Indicate your interest in joining the team by contacting us at
  4. Get involved as an associate member, attend our monthly meeting and provide support at upcoming workshops.
  5. Attend the 3 day train the trainer offered every two years.


UIS Team Members:

  • Dan Aguilar – Program Coordinator, Hispanic/Latnx (LS)
  • Jennifer Berry – Program/Student Advisor, UIS Computer Science
  • Navie Fields – Diversity Center GA
  • Amy Gurnitz –  Human Resources Officer
  • Jordan Hyde – Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Izabel Lozoya – Diversity Center GA
  • Samaryia T Magee – Program Advisor, Necessary Steps
  • Kay McChesney –  Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • Collin Moseley – Student Senator At Large – Student Government Association
  • Kristin Nisbet-White – Employer Development and Informatics Liaison, Career Development Center
  • Kerry Poynter – Director, Gender & Sexuality Student Services
  • Justin Jamar Rose –  Director, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sara-Ann Rosen – Gender and Sexuality Student Services GA
  • Kimberly Rutherford – Disability Service Specialist, Office of Disability Services
  • Monique Williams – Program Advisor and Admissions Counselor, Nursing
  • Ryan L. Williams – MTL Online Coordinator, Educational Leadership
  • Rexann Whorton – Women’s Center Program Director

Leadership Team