CLS Club

The goal of the UIS Clinical Laboratory Science Club is to broaden the experiences of students in the CLS program, increasing the scientific understanding and development of each student.



The CLS Club is an active, on-campus organization. We regularly have two major activities throughout the year:  one or more Blood Drives for the Central Illinois Community Blood Center and a Poinsettia Sale.

Proceeds from the Poinsettia Sale go toward a club trip to the Annual State Professional Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Illinois.  This spring it was in Peoria.  The meeting includes the Student Bowl competition.

This fall and spring we also had very successful bake sales.  Laboratorians are good cooks!



The CLS Club is open to all UIS students, both CLS and non-CLS majors. Students interested in joining CLS Club may do so by attending any of the meetings or contacting us for more information:


5k run                              Homecoming Sidewalk            2017 Seniors                  Annual Food Drive


CLS Club Officers 2017-18                              Faculty Advisor

Jenni Minton, Co-President                                             Amanda Adams

Jess Sheffield, Co-President

Ashley Blakenbaker, Co-Vice President

Samantha Vogel, Co-Vice President

Kristin Hall ,Treasurer

Dayana Valero, Treasurer

Ashley Branham, Secretary

2017 Student Bowl Champions