To learn more about a program or have specific questions answered, visit its website for contact information and arrange to speak with a program representative.

Departments in the College

African-American Studies

Dr. Kamau Kemayo
Office: UHB 3028
Phone: (217) 206-8248

Art, Music, Theatre

Prof. Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson, Director of Theatre and Chair of AMT
Office: VPA 127A
Phone: (217) 206-7547
Prof. Brytton Bjorngaard, Director of Visual Arts
Office: VPA 127
Phone: (217) 206-7547
Dr. Yona Stamatis, Director of Music
Office: VPA 62
Phone: (217) 206-8583

Counseling and Social Work

Dr. Tiffany Nielson, Chair
Office: BRK 332
Phone: (217) 206-8521
Dr. Martin Martsch, Social Work Program Coordinator
Office: BRK 345
Phone: (217) 206-75751

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Office: UHB 3000
Phone: (217) 206-6512

English and Modern Languages

Dr. Donna Bussell, Chair
Office: UHB 3072
Phone: (217) 206-8091


Dr. Ken Owen, Chair
Office: UHB 3056
Phone: (217) 206-7439

Liberal and Integrative Studies

Office: UHB 3000
Phone: (217) 206-6512


Dr. Lynn Fisher, Chair
Office: UHB 3042
Phone: (217) 206-7938

Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Tena L. Helton, Acting Chair
Office: UHB 3000
Phone: (217) 206-6512