The College is Arts and Sciences is committed to a dynamic team approach to undergraduate academic advising.  As a CLAS student, your advising team will consist of three people. Your college advisor will address your needs as a student and will do their best to keep you on an efficient path to graduation.  Your faculty advisor will address your needs as a scholar so that your degree is not simply a collection of courses, but the preparation you need for the career or advanced degree that waits for you beyond UIS.  However, the most important member of your advising team is you.

Academic advising is an active, collaborative process that requires the combined knowledge and skills of the entire team.  The more you know about your needs as a student and as a scholar, the more prepared you will be to be an active and collaborative team member.  These academic advising webpages are designed to be a starting point to gather this knowledge.  That isn’t to suggest that you shouldn’t ask your college or faculty advisors questions.  Rather, the more information you gather before asking questions, the more prepared you will be to ask the best questions.

So, on behalf of the many advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences – welcome to the team!

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