Student Resources


CLAS Academic Advisors:

  • Andy Egizi Communication, Liberal Arts, and Visual Arts (217) 206-7456
  • Adonis Fuller Computer Science (217) 206-6420
  • Michelle Kenny English, History, and Philosophy (217) 206-8616
  • Craig McFarland Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Science and Sociology/Anthropology at (217) 206-8224
  • John Snyder Mathematical Sciences at (217) 206-8272
  • Robin Vansacik Psychology at (217) 206-6573

Additional Advising Resources:

Student Support

Transfer Student Information

UIS accepts Transfer students from all over the world, while providing a smooth and easy transition for them. Students who are considered transfer students should contact their department advisors before they register for courses.  Students should be made aware of transfer credits that will be used towards their degree and courses they need to take, in order to fulfill program requirements.

Student Financial Support