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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences University of Illinois Springfield

Top Ten Reasons to Learn About Spanish Language and Culture

LNG 125: Spanish for Cultural Literacy Online

10. Over 500 million people speak Spanish … why not you?
9. So you can order dinner in a Mexican restaurant!
8. So you are not one of the few animals on the isolated planet Earth who is monolingual!
7. Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas!
6. It looks great on your resume.
5. Because it will help you in college.
4. So you can understand communication when you visit Miami, Chicago, New York, California, and Texas.
3. To imitate Bart Simpson’s “Ay Caramba!!!!”
2. To expand cultural horizons and increase professional skills and abilities.
1. Because you want to travel to Spain … or México, Colombia,  Argentina, Venezuela, Perú, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, República Dominicana, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chicago, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Paraguay, etc.