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Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have two academic advisors, or three if they have declared a minor program.

Your college advisor will assist you with general education requirements, ECCE requirements, interpreting your DARS report, course scheduling, UIS policies and procedures.  College advisors have a working knowledge of the university so if you aren’t quite sure who to ask or even what to ask, you can rely upon them to listen to your needs and to make appropriate referrals if necessary.

CLAS College Advisors

Andy Egizi
UHB 3045

JP Viray
UHB 3043

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Your faculty advisor, who will be a professor in your major program, will assist you with selecting the electives in your major that are best suited to your learning goals, developing appropriate independent study or research opportunities, considering  study abroad options, identifying career opportunities or graduate programs in your field of study as well as reinforcing the academic skills required to succeed in those endeavors.

Your minor advisor will be a faculty member in your minor program.  They are your expert in that field of study and will help you select a meaningful set of minor courses that address your academic needs and goals.

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