Welcome from the Dean

A Message from the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Since the Middle Ages universities have provided society with an institution that promotes learning and discovery.  The core courses of the original universities centered on the arts and sciences, specifically Art, Music, History, Rhetoric, Law, Medicine and Math.  While the modern university has greatly expanded from these disciplines their core concepts of gathering information, engaging in critical thinking, and communicating the results to a wider setting are still the major hallmarks of a university.

At UIS the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences attempts to provide a setting where students and faculty can engage in intellectual exploration and discovery of ideas and concepts which promote the individual’s mind for lifelong learning.  This learning is achieved in a variety of modes across a wide spectrum of disciplines.  We offer 13 undergraduate majors, 6 master’s degrees and 5 additional areas of study through on campus, online and blended programs.  Our 6 undergraduate and 2 graduate online programs lead the nation in innovation allowing for students worldwide to earn their degree away from campus.  I invite you to explore our web site for more information on our academic programs. The college also supports the Emiquon Field Station as not only a natural preserve, but as a working field laboratory for students, faculty, and the public.

With our membership in COPLAC (Council on Public Liberal Arts Colleges) UIS is recognized as a leader in the liberal arts and sciences.  Students have the option of engaging in research with faculty members who are experts in their fields.    As we move into a more global society our college supports study abroad and cooperative arrangements for students and faculty.