Points of Pride – Excellent Facilities

Health & Sciences Laboratories

One of the electron microscopes used by our Biology program.The Health & Sciences Building houses an array of fully-equipped laboratory suites and photographic facilities to support teaching and research in molecular biology, electron microscopy, botany, aquatic ecology, and microbial ecology.

Our facilities enable students to gain valuable hands-on experience with modern instrumentation.


The UIS GreenhouseThe UIS Greenhouse is easily recognized on campus by its pyramid-shaped glass roof. Cold and hot rooms are used to grow plants adapted to different environmental conditions.

The Greenhouse contains a variety of plants, including some exotic orchids and bromeliads.

The plants are used for course-related experiments and for student research projects.



UIS ObservatoryIn the spring of 1977, the first Friday night star parties were held at the campus observatory atop Brookens Library. Since then, more than 120,000 visitors have taken part in fall and spring star parties. Astronomical telescopes, including one designed specifically for people with disabilities, allow visitors to look at the moon, planets, deep sky objects, and constellations.

Although the observatory provides many excellent viewing opportunities, the Astronomy-Physics Program also does a great deal of research. Facilities include the main campus observatory, along with two other research observatories located at remote sites in the Springfield area.


Psychology Research and Observation Labs

UIS Psychology LabFacilities in University Hall include a large multi-purpose psychology laboratory, several small research and computer labs, and a clinical observation suite.

The labs are used for teaching, as well as faculty and student research in the areas of memory, perception, learning, and psychophysiology. The well-equipped clinical suite provides multiple formats for behavioral observation and training demonstrations.



UIS Theatre ProgramOur Theatre Program is recognized as one of the finest theatre venues in the Springfield area, and provides aspiring theatre students with an intimate and flexible performance space in which to work as an actor, a director, a playwright, a stage manager, a dramaturge, a designer, or a technician.

Seating ranges from 100 to 318 seats, depending on the stage configuration for each production. Students who graduate from UIS with work accomplished in our theatre program not only become more sophisticated theatre patrons, but for some, a career in the theatre may begin!

The program’s Eric and Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson were featured in a December 2007 article of the Illinois Times. Eric and Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson, photo courtesy of Illinois Times




photo courtesy of Illinois Times

Visual Arts Gallery

UIS Visual Arts Gallery The Visual Arts Gallery at the University of Illinois at Springfield has been a strong component of Springfield community life since 1975. The Gallery is the place to go for exhibitions of art by emerging and established contemporary artists.

For further information about current exhibits and upcoming events, please phone 217 206-6506 or visit the Gallery website.


Emiquon Field Station

The Emiquon plainThe UIS Emiquon Field Station is located on a bluff overlooking the Emiquon floodplain along the Illinois River. Dr. Michael Lemke, UIS Associate Professor of Biology, is leading the effort to restore the floodplain as part of a remediation effort in partnership with the Nature Conservancy and other regional scientists.