Points of Pride – Making a Difference in the World

The liberal arts and sciences are inextricably linked with key advances in human knowledge that have “made a difference in the world.”

These advances have been made in the natural and computational sciences, social sciences, and the humanities and arts alike—encouraging a better understanding of human nature, the way prairie projectsocieties function, and the world around us. They have dramatically altered all aspects of human life.

Rather than studying these subjects in a vaccum, our students learn values that they can use to help make our world a better place. Our faculty inspire students to:

  • enhance their knowledge of themselves and their world,
  • make wise decisions in both their personal lives and the public affairs arena, and
  • enrich cultural and intellectual life in their community.Removal invasive species

Moreover, instruction provides a collaborative and supportive environment in which to explore facts and theories, and to examine the presumptions, values, and perceptions underlying our conceptions of self and society.

We also encourage students to serve their community through the Experiential and Service Learning Program, which provides an opportunity for students to contribute to non-profit agencies and gain practical experience in comminuty-based problem solving skills.