Infant Care

Caterpillar Room


Baby in Mirror Baby in tunnel teacher reading to babies baby fingerpainting baby playing with a babyThe Caterpillar Room serves infants 6 weeks to 15 months of age.  Staff consists of two qualified teachers and part-time university student employees.   The classroom includes a sleep area that promotes a healthy, peaceful rest period.  Infants are encouraged to explore the environment around them.  The teachers focus on each infant’s individual development and well being.  Infants are supervised by sight and sound at all times, even when sleeping.  Infants are held for bottle feedings until they are able to sit unattended.  They are continued to be held even after such time when the situation allows for it.  Bottles are not used in the cribs with our infants.  Infant teachers work with family’s on introducing a sippy cup to their babies.  Infant teachers will use a small toothbrush in the infant’s mouth after each feeding.