Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club has not been active since Spring 2012.  This page is included to show examples of past activities.  If you are a student interested in reviving the Chemistry Club contact the Chemistry department office.


The UIS Chemistry Club promotes chemistry on campus and the community through activities that are both fun and educational. Any student remotely interested in chemistry is welcome to participate.

Family Day 2012 (part of the UIS Homecoming Activities)

Family Day event

A group of chem club students helped family of current UIS students have fun while exploring science on Saturday Oct. 6, 2012. The guests were able to explore pH of common household items, paper chromatography of pen inks and non-Newtonian fluids.


Liquid Nitrogen Ice CreamEvery October we sponsor an on-campus celebration of National Chemistry Week. Click here for more information.

The 2011 and 2012 celebrations featured making liquid nitrogen ice cream following a home volleyball games at the TRAC. We also continued our tradition started in 2010 of having a bake sale where we make a periodic table of cupcakes and people can buy their favorite element.

Periodic Table of Cupcakes

Other events include the end of the year BBQand informational gatherings for students interested in learning more about graduate school, undergraduate research, or Applied Study Term.

At Graduate Info Night, students and faculty typically get together over pizza, and faculty discuss the process as well as their own experiences of going through graduate school.

At the annual AST/Research Night, a representative from the AST office and a few professors talked about their research interests.

To view a copy of the Chemistry Club’s constitution, please contact the UIS Office of Student Life.


The Chemistry Club is open to all UIS students, both Chemistry and non-Chemistry majors. Students interested in joining Chemistry Club may do so by attending any of the meetings or contacting us.


Meetings are usually held biweekly. Times and dates vary so that we may try to fit everyone’s schedules. For more information about upcoming meetings, please contact our President.

2012-2013 Officers

President: Becca Britton

Vice-President: John Johnson

Treasurer: Mercedes Dick

Secretary: Ashley Bowers

Contact Information

For additional information about the Chemistry Club, please contact:

Chemistry Club President
Becca Britton ,

Faculty Advisor
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