Dr. Marc Klingshirn

Dr. Mark Klingshirn

Dr. Marc A. Klingshirn
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Inorganic and Green Chemistry
Ph.D. The University of Alabama

B.S. Chemistry / Environmental Science: Ashland University (1996)
M.S. Analytical Chemistry: University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2000)
Ph.D. Inorganic: The University of Alabama (2005)
Keck Green Chemistry Postdoctoral Associate: Saint Olaf College (2005-2006)

Research Interests:
From studying Lake Erie soil sediment for metal contaminants in undergrad, to studying and developing ion-exchange resins for ground water remediation for my Master’s work, environmental issues and problems have always been an interest of mine. My doctoral work (with coursework rooted in the classical area of inorganic chemistry) focused on the rapidly emerging field of green chemistry. Research projects (for my dissertation) included the application of green chemistry methodologies (ionic liquids and aqueous two-phase systems for example) to the area of materials science, specifically silica sol gel synthesis, poly(ethylene) glycol hydrogels, and CO/Styrene copolymerization. My postdoctoral work broadened my interests to the application of green chemistry to the high school and first-year undergraduate laboratory experience and the design of new “greener” experiments. Most recently I’ve started to expand into the area of greener inorganic synthesis. Sustainability, environmental, and efficient use (and reuse) of resources continue to be a foundation of my research.

Past Student Project Titles:
• “Characterization of the ICl2- Anion and Its Application toward the Iodination of Aniline”
• “Applying Green Chemistry Principles to the Synthesis of Silica Sol Gel Materials”
• “An Initial Polystyrene Recycling Study Using Limonene”
• “Competitive Complexation – Coordination Chemistry for the High School Laboratory Curriculum”
• “Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide as a Green Liquid Extractant”
• “Greener Coordination Chemistry Involving Univalent Iodine”

Courses Taught:
CHE 141 – Principles of General Chemisty (lab only) CAP 102 – Introduction to Honors
CHE 142 – Principles of Inorganic Chemistry (lec&lab) CAP 141 – Bio. and Chem. of the Environment I
CHE 422 – Inorganic Chemistry CAP 142 – Bio. and Chem. of the Environment II
CHE 441/442 – Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 442 – Integrated Chemsitry Laboratory II
CHE 480 – Green Chemistry

(Some) Past and Current Service Activities:
• Chair, CLAS Instructional Safety Committee
• Chair, Campus Senate Committee on Sustainability
• CLAS Executive Committee
• CLAS College Personnel Committee
• Capital Scholars Honors Program Steering Committee
• Students Allied for a Greener Earth (S.A.G.E.) faculty advisor