Curriculum Overview

UIS offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry and a minor for non-Chemistry majors.

For full information on the Chemistry degree, see the 2017-18 Catalog


A UIS student works in the chemistry labStudents who major in Chemistry may opt for:

  • Standard concentration
  • Pre-Med concentration
  • Science of the environment concentration
  • American Chemical Society certification

Students can also graduate with honors in chemistry if they meet the prescribed requirements for honors in chemistry.

Anyone who is interested in majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry is strongly advised to Contact the Department to speak with a faculty advisor.

Goals for our graduates :

A B.S. Chemist/Biochemist from UIS will be characterized as being able to:

  • Integrate chemical knowledge
  • Perform appropriate laboratory skills
  • Communicate scientific information
  • Apply the scientific process
  • Participate in the chemical profession


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