Points of Pride

The Department of Chemistry has several attractive features:

For Our Students:

  • Chemistry has a high student to faculty ration with between 4-15 graduates every year (in both chemistry and biochemistry majors combined).
  • 50-60% of our students are female.
  • Students have the opportunities to perform individual research with faculty members and present their work at regional and national meetings.
  • The Internship and Prior Learning program allows students to perform internships.



  • All the faculty members have a terminal degree (Ph.D.).
  • Our faculty are dynamic, student-oriented, and here to help students achieve their ultimate goals.
  • Labs for majors are taught by full-time instructors or faculty, not graduate students.

Goals for our graduates :

A B.S. Chemist from UIS will be characterized as being able to:

  • Integrate chemical knowledge
  • Perform appropriate laboratory skills
  • Communicate scientific information
  • Apply the scientific process
  • Participate in the chemical profession