Presidential Election, November 2016

November 10, 2016

Dear Members of the UIS Campus Community:

As this presidential election week comes to a close, this moment provides an opportunity for us to both reflect and look ahead.

Whether you celebrate or lament the outcome of the presidential election, I hope you share my respect for the many UIS students, staff and faculty who gave so much of themselves during this election season. Those who took the time to become educated and think critically about important issues, who listened respectfully to the views of others while thoughtfully sharing their own opinions, who gave of their time, talent and resources to represent and support their candidates, and who exercised their right to vote deserve to be commended for their citizenship. This is democracy in action.

The election is now behind us and a new group of elected officials is preparing to assume leadership roles. It will be several months before we can accurately assess the impact these leadership changes may have on our university; but I want to assure you the University of Illinois will be prepared to address both opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

As UI system President Tim Killeen stated at our Board of Trustees meeting yesterday, “We have already charted our path and our faculty, staff and students, wherever they come from, can be assured that our [three] Universities are places where they can pursue their dreams and cultivate the talents that will best serve our state, our nation and beyond.”

I ask that we continue our outstanding tradition of public affairs leadership at UIS – a tradition that is grounded in a commitment to excellence.

Let us work together to embody the University of Illinois guiding values:

  • to aim high,
  • to be accountable for our actions,
  • to treat each other with dignity and respect, and
  • to promote citizenship.

By doing so, our UIS community can serve as an example of what citizenship and democracy should look like.

Let us approach our work here – whether that work is to earn a University of Illinois degree, to educate students, or to provide support for students – with a renewed commitment to the mission of the University: ”To transform lives and serve society.”

This is no small task, but I am confident in our collective capabilities. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.


Chancellor Koch

Chancellor Susan J. Koch