Michael Hogan Announcement

Sent on behalf of Board of Trustee Chairman Christopher G. Kennedy

Members of the University of Illinois Family,

It’s a pleasure to share with you that the search for a new president of the University of Illinois has concluded. I’m delighted to announce that the Board’s choice to become the 18th president of the University of Illinois is Dr. Michael J. Hogan, president of the University of Connecticut.

The Search Committee to Assist the Board in the Selection of a President and the Board of Trustees sought a seasoned, highly capable leader, a person with experience in working productively with an incredibly broad range of academic disciplines and programs, a person with success in gaining support from public and private sources, one with sophistication in dealing with external publics, a person with the highest ethical standards, and one capable of working with the many challenges and opportunities the University of Illinois presents.

Dr. Hogan exemplifies all of these qualities. He is a rare find and a top-flight leader capable of moving the University forward.

Search Process

The search process that led us to Dr. Hogan was extensive and comprehensive. I commend Pam Strobel, a University of Illinois Trustee, alumna, and a former Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Exelon, who chaired the search committee. Pam deserves special recognition for her hard work and dedication to the search process, as does Dr. May Berenbaum, professor of entomology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Urbana, who served as vice chair of the committee. Without the skill and the hard work of the search committee members and the long hours they invested in reviewing records of prospective candidates and interviewing semifinalists, the quest would not have been nearly as smooth or successful.

Seasoned Leader

Michael Hogan’s entire career has prepared him to lead a major public university. He has held nearly every management and executive position in academia, steadily rising through the ranks on the merits of his scholarship, commitment and leadership.

It should be noted that Dr. Hogan is no stranger to the Midwest. While he spent the early years of his career as a faculty member at Stony Brook University, the University of Texas and Miami University, he quickly moved to a professorship at The Ohio State University, later serving as chair of the department of history, then dean of the college of humanities, and finally as executive dean of the college of arts and sciences.

In 2004, Dr. Hogan returned to the institution that conferred upon him his Master’s and Ph. D. Degrees, the University of Iowa, to serve as executive vice president and provost and as the F. Wendell Miller Professor of History.

Distinguished Scholar

Dr. Hogan is a well recognized scholar and specialist in the history of American Diplomacy and American Foreign Relations. He is the author or editor of nine books, including: Informal Entente: The Private Structure of Cooperation in Anglo-American Economic Diplomacy, 1918-1928 (University of Missouri, 1977); The Marshall Plan: America, Britain, and the Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947-1952 (Cambridge University Press), which is widely considered the definitive work concerning the reconstruction of Western Europe following World War II, and for which Dr. Hogan received the Stuart L. Bernath Book Award of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the George Louis Beer Prize of the American Historical Association, and the Quincy Wright Prize of the International Studies Association; A Cross of Iron: Harry S. Truman and the Origins of the National Security State, 1945-1954 (Cambridge University Press, 1998); and Paths to Power; The Historiography of American Foreign Relations to 1941 (Cambridge University Press, 2000).

Dr. Hogan has been a fellow of the Harry S. Truman Library Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and has served as Louis Martin Sears Distinguished Professor of History at Purdue University. His scholarship has been recognized by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, which awarded him the Bernath Lecture Prize in 1984, and The Ohio State University, which presented him its Distinguished Scholar Award in 1990, the highest award for scholarly distinction conferred on members of the faculty.

Breadth of Experience

During his tenure at the University of Iowa and at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Hogan gained a reputation for being a hands-on administrator, always receptive to dialogue with students. During his first week as President of UConn, Dr. Hogan joined a student field trip with a group of 44 honors students. As Melissa Bruen, a field trip participant and former editor-in-chief of the student newspaper put it: “He definitely made an effort…to talk to students individually, just to say, “I’m here, you can talk to me…he was very open and honest about things.”

Dr. Hogan publishes a blog, PresRelease, on the university’s website as a way to communicate with faculty and students. On a more whimsical note, Hogan demonstrated his courage (and perhaps his humility) by taking to the dance floor in a “Dancing with the Stars” style event hosted by the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts at UConn.

As president of the University of Connecticut, Dr. Hogan has worked closely with the Connecticut state legislature, the Governor’s office and the federal government to secure funding for a variety of crucial projects. Dr. Hogan has been an active friend and fundraiser, as well as a leader and supporter of Uconn’s $600 million campaign, “Our University, Our Moment.”

Dr. Hogan’s most recent and perhaps most significant achievement is the new UConn Health Network. The $352 million plan includes a new patient care tower and renovations to the university’s hospital.

Throughout his career, Michael Hogan has distinguished himself as one of the most intelligent, personable and passionate university administrators in the country. His honesty, integrity and perseverance have made him a legend at every university he has served.

I hope you will join me in welcoming President and Mrs. Hogan to the University of Illinois family.

Christopher G. Kennedy
Chair of the Board of Trustees