FAQs from September 10 Fall 2020 Briefing

Questions and Answers from the Sept. 10 Weekly Fall 2020 Briefing with Chancellor

Q. What is a COVID Super Star?
A. This is a new recognition effort for the people and teams who have stepped up and worked very hard to ensure UIS has risen to this extraordinary challenge. We’ll be honoring people each week. Our first UIS COVID Super Star is Vickie Cook and her entire team at COLRS for their incredible work—particularly this spring–supporting our faculty, students and staff as they adapted to remote teaching and learning. With Vickie’s leadership, UIS’ reputation as a leader in online learning has grown these past six months. UIS has provided training to hundreds of teachers, state employees, other higher education institutions and will soon be offering training to parents and caretakers to support student remote learning.

Q. What is the current turnaround time for lab testing?
A. We are still averaging 48 hours for results to populate to the portal. If you don’t receive an automated email with results, log in to the portal and check your messages before emailing COVID19@uis.edu.

Q. What happens if I need to skip a week of testing?
A. Wait for an email from the testing team citing that you are not compliant, and respond to the email, and be sure to visit testing the following week. While we appreciate proactive outreach about upcoming absences from testing, it’s more efficient for the testing team for you to respond to the compliance email after a missed week.

Q. Can retirees or volunteers be tested?
A. At this time, no. Right now, we only have capacity to test active employees and students who are living, learning or working on campus.

Q. What percentage of our students are in compliance?
A. We’re still tracking compliance. We’re running up against some issues in the past two weeks that affect compliance and reporting. Once challenges in the testing process are ironed out, we can accurately report compliance.

Q. When would faculty be engaged if an on-ground student is found out of compliance?
A. Students found out of compliance will go through the Dean of Students Office conduct process, and faculty would be engaged as appropriate.

Q. How long should I wait to eat or drink before submitting a saliva sample?
A. Please refrain from eating, drink, using tobacco, brushing teeth, etc., for 60 minutes prior to testing. This will help with testing accuracy.

Q. Are there any updates about the Student Union food ordering app?
A. We are very close to launching the Food Service ordering app. Stay tuned!