FAQs from July 23 Fall 2020 Briefing

Questions and Answers from the July 23 Weekly Fall 2020 Briefing with Chancellor Whitney

Q. What opportunities exist for faculty to ask detailed questions of Academic Affairs leadership?
A. The Provost’s office will host a series of online forums for faculty, with support from the deans.

Q. When should students expect to know their schedule for on-ground courses?
A. A schedule should be available by the first week of August.

Q. What are safety expectations for classrooms?
A. Students and employees will all wear a face covering and observe a 6-foot physical distance, including when entering and exiting.

Q. Are there efforts to create outdoor classroom spaces with seating?
A. Ideas are being considered to create new outdoor learning spaces, and we’re also considering making use of existing spaces.

Q. Is there a specific type of mask we are required to wear?
A. All students and employees should use a mask that covers both the nose and mouth. The University is providing everyone with two cloth masks. Faculty and staff: Unit leaders can request them from HR. Students living on campus will receive their mask at check-in during move-in week. Commuting students will receive their masks during the first week of classes.

Q. What are the changes to Residence Life accommodations?
A. There are no changes to occupancy limits. Residence halls: 2 people per room (4/suite). Townhomes/apartments: 1 in each bedroom (4/unit).

Q. Who can students speak with about decisions related to Residence Life?
A. Please contact Residence Life Director Brian Kelley or email reslife@uis.edu with any questions related to living on campus.

Q. Will students have space in the Library or in the Student Union for studying?
A. Both will be open in the fall, but it will be imperative that people wear a mask and physically distance. Signage and furniture positioning will support these efforts.

Q. What does a blended format look like for classes that usually meet once per week?
A. Formats will change based on the instructor and the class objectives. Students will receive information from their faculty member.

Q. How will students find out about delivery method for their courses?
A. Students will hear from their faculty member.

Q. Will there be a prorated rate for Residence Life since we won’t be completing the semester on campus?
A. Campus will remain open after Thanksgiving break and meal plans will still be available, so rates will not be adapted.

Q. How do we accommodate students who are unable to attend in-person classes?
A. If they are unable to attend an in-person class, there will be other courses they could select to accommodate their remote learning need/preference. Students also can reach out to the Office of Disability Services. If a student becomes sick, we would make the same accommodations as with another illness.

Q. Are smaller classes more likely to be allowed to meet on ground?
A. Yes, it’s easier to accommodate small classes.

Q. Will Leadership Lived Experience student employment positions be available, and if so, will faculty be encouraged to work with them remotely?
A. Yes, positions are available and faculty are encouraged to work with students remotely.

Q. What tools/resources are available for faculty to meet with students, either individually or in small groups?
A. We anticipate having underutilized space to reserve as spaces for meetings (with physical distancing).

Q. What resources should students consider as they plan to have a successful semester?
A. We’re working on some instructional orientation videos to help students who are moving to new modalities. Faculty will have the opportunity to participate in faculty discussion groups to share successes, challenges and new tools.

Q. What can students expect for lab classes?
A. Some labs could become virtual, and some must meet in-person to meet the course goals. Faculty are working hard to create experiences that are meaningful and safe so students get the hands-on experiences they need.