FAQs from 10.15.20 Fall Briefing

Questions and Answers from the October 15 Weekly Fall 2020 Briefing

Q:  Is there a report on contact tracing relating to the recent outbreaks on campus?
A: Bethany Bilyeu begins the contact tracing process when she calls students and employees who test positive. She was able to identify quite a few people with information provided about the three social gatherings. Students who did not return home to quarantine, did so on campus. For those with personal exposures, public health follows up with them. Bethany simply starts the process on campus to move fast. Doing this, we have been able to stop or disrupt the spread quickly.

Q: Besides the numbers of people who test positive on our campus, do we also track our campus community members who test positive in a clinic or hospital?
A: Yes, when students or employees test outside of the UIS system and report it to us, we do include those numbers in our data. Anyone who interacts regularly on our campus is considered part of our campus community.

Q: Can I still get a flu shot on campus?
A: Our flu shot clinics were so successful that we have run out of flu vaccine and have cancelled the remainder of our flu shot clinics. While we wait for more vaccine to arrive, we encourage students and employees to get a flu shot where they are able, including local flu shot clinics, health care provider or local retailer.

COVID-19 Response Super Star of the week of October 15, 2020

This week’s COVID-19 Super Stars are Kelsea Gurski, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs and the public affairs, marketing and communication team.

The work Kelsea and her team have done to coordinate and communicate the COVID-19 response has been phenomenal. Without their determined, timely and accurate communication to the UIS community, the system, greater Springfield region, we would not be where we are today. Kelsea and her team have been responsible for creating websites, designing signage, sending timely emails and responses to the UIS community and answering never-ending multitudes of questions from students, faculty, staff and the community. Her group has worked with the press, conducted huge social media efforts, taken photos, documented our work, created videos and helped craft policies. She also chairs the COVID-19 Response Team and coordinates and mediates weekly Zoom updates for the campus, all while maintaining a cool, calm, collected, science-based, compassionate approach.