Spring 2021 COPE Meeting Record

Spring 2021 Meeting
Monday, April 26, 2021
9:00 A.M.

Meeting Record

Voting Members Present: Ermatinger, James; Magoulias, Christie; Cox; Kerry; Klein, Jim; Gray, Ronda; Kessler, Meghan; Stokes, Richard; Lemke, Michael; Zaleski, Diana; Peck, Graham

Guests: Gunn, Cathy; Barrett, Nancy; Sepich, Kim; Morris, Rhyann; McCullough, Heather; Williams, Ryan; Mulliken, Ken;

Community Members: Baker, Leuwania; Loken, Mary

I:  Welcome – Ermatinger

Ermatinger welcomed everyone in attendance.  He thanked Cathy Gunn for her leadership of the Teacher Education program over the last year and her work on developing, revising, and sun-setting programs.

II:  Voting Items – No Business

III:  Non-Voting Items

a.       Elementary Education – Double Major Removal
b.      Secondary Chemistry Education BA – Information Only
c.       Secondary Biology Education BA – Information Only

Ermatinger gave the floor to Gunn to provide an overview of the non-voting items.

Gunn shared that there are 2 new programs, secondary chemistry and secondary biology education, that will soon begin their way through the governance program, still need to be voted on at the department level.  Programs are almost mirrored images of previous secondary education bachelor’s proposal that were recently approved through the University governance process.  Minors will remain but students will now have the opportunity to complete the bachelor’s degree.  The program proposals are still finalizing the content coursework requirements.

Ermatinger added that the effort of removing the double major is in the middle of the governance process.  Awaiting confirmation on the steps.

Ermatinger asked Gunn to explain a new program recently approved by the College Curriculum Committee.  Gunn described the Non-Licensure Education Bachelor’s program proposal.  The new program will allow students to change their program focus to a non-licensure path without adding additional time.  Additionally, students will be able to enroll as a freshman into the non-licensure path to provide an education degree for those not wanting to teach in a traditional school setting.  The concept was approved during the Fall 2020 COPE meeting.

IV:  Reorganization Update – Ermatinger

Ermatinger provided an update on academic reorganization.  The proposal for the School of Education, merger of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership departments, has cleared the UIS governance process and will be presented to the Board of Trustees in July 2021.  Christie Magoulias will serve as the interim Director while searching for a permanent Director over the next academic year.

Ermatinger also provided a brief update on the other CEHS departments in regards to reorganization.

V:  Program Q & A

Ermatinger opened up the floor to the individual programs for questions, answers, and updates.

Magoulias reiterated the news regarding the School of Education.

Klein had no updates for School Counseling.

Gunn reflected back to the previous discussion regarding new programs. She added that the hope is that the teacher education program will invigorate additional attendance and grow the program portfolio.

Kessler added that she thinks that the program is slowly developing a reputation to serve the non-traditional student wishing to pursue a career in education.

Ermatinger asked for any general questions or comments.  Peck mentioned that Zaleski has shared in the chat that the Psychology department is looking to begin marketing a separate Psychology subsequent endorsement.  Peck asked what people know about these subsequent endorsements.  Zaleski stated that she had numerous conversations with individuals at the Illinois State Board of Education to ensure the Psychology department wouldn’t need to submit a proposal.  She summarized that the students would have to take the required courses listed and then take the state test.  It only applies to active teaching licensees.  There was further discussion about such endorsements.

VI:  Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 am.