Spring 2018 COPE Meeting Record

Council on Professional Education

Spring 2018 Meeting
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
4:30-6:00 PM

Meeting Record

I. Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Hanfu Mi, Dean CEHS

Dr. Mi called the meeting to order at 4:30.

Round table introductions followed.  Recognition of community members in attendance and Dr. Cecilia Cornell.

Rapid changes in education occurring.  All EPPs identified three (3) major challenges (from AACTE annual conference information).

  1. Critical teacher shortage.
  2. Lack of diversity in teacher education candidates, K-12 faculty and staff, and higher education faculty and staff.  Illinois is one of the worst regarding diversity.
  3. Weak enrollment in educator preparation programs – some EPP are creating new tracks that don’t lead to licensure (i.e., Educational Studies).

More collaboration is needed between Colleges to increase enrollment and with community K-12 partners.

II. Teacher Education Updates – Dr. Cindy Wilson

1.       Activism in education is increasing nationwide.

2.       New faculty members to the Teacher Education Program beginning Fall 2018.

3.       Working towards becoming 100% accessible.

4.       New programs.

i.      Exploring Educational Studies minor and major involving other departments across University.

ii.      Finishing redesign of the Middle School Teacher program (double major).

iii.      Laying groundwork for Early Childhood as a standalone major.

iv.      Exploring Special Education program.

5.       Working on developing a Science library for students. Might just be disseminating information regarding different options.

6.       Enrollment is strong and has been trending upwards, especially in Elementary Education double major students.

7.       Teacher Shortage

i.      Provided a list of unfilled positions in Illinois.  Over 1,000 positions remain unfilled.  80% of low income schools.

ii.      Discussion regarding complete reciprocity.  Could have a negative effect on teacher preparation programs in Illinois.  Illinois is one of the hardest states to receive teaching credentials.

iii.      Chancellor Koch, Superintendent Jennifer Gill, Dean Mi and others met regarding the teacher shortage.  Brainstorming short term initiatives to help the shortage.

iv.      Sheri McClaughan, Jacksonville School Counselor, mentioned the extra workload placed on public sector teachers that ISBE has placed on them.  Further discussion regarding barriers, recruitment, and retention.

v.      Beginning to open some dual-credit courses for TEP 207 Teaching Foundations course.

III.  School Counseling Updates – Dr. Jim Klein

1.       CACREP site visit is finished.

2.       Pilot studied conducted surveying regional school counselors in central and southern Illinois.  Distribution of the results.

i.      Stemmed from article questioning way school counselors are trained.

ii.      Currently heavy clinical influence in school counselor training.

iii.      80% of time should be directed toward direct contact services which is twice as much as those surveyed.

iv.      Results show that counselors suffer from role confusion and a strong variance between counselor training and daily requirements.

v.      Counselors are aware of state and national models but are unlikely to be able to implement them.

IV.   Educational Leadership Updates – Dr. Scott Day

1.       Test score data – new principal tests.  Good results on test 1 but less so on test 2. – Belief students attempting to take both tests on the same day run out of time.

2.       Pass rates have been good generally.

3.       12 students graduating in principal program.  5 superintendents and 5 CSBO students graduating.

V.   Title II Reports – Dr. Nancy Barrett

1.       Test scores data presented.

2.       Further discussion regarding the principal tests.

VI.   Licensure Updates – No significant updates

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm