Spring 2017 COPE Meeting Record

Council on Professional Education

Spring 2017 Meeting
Thursday, April 13, 2017
4:30-6:00 P.M.

Meeting Record

I.  Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Hanfu Mi, Dean CEHS

Dr. Mi called the meeting to order at 4:40. Brief discussion regarding the financial state of the University ensued after the conclusion of the Campus Forum.

Round table introductions followed.

II.  Teacher Education Updates – Dr. Cindy Wilson

1.      New Regulations

a.      New regulations state that students in other states need to be aware of our certification standards.

b.      Illinois looking at a new Common Student Teacher Assessment to be used across the state.  This would be in addition to EdTPA.

2.      Middle School Program

a.       Not in review phase yet.  Must go through four major content areas and provide evidence as to where the programs address all the   performance indicators in each area through the content coursework in LAS.

b.      Once program approved a new area of specialization committee will need to be formed.

3.      May 4th student teacher seminar

a.       Brings elementary and secondary candidates together for a “mini” conference.

4.      Congratulations for achievement to Brian Kahn for tenure and Ronda Mitchell for reappointment.

5.      TEP program has maintained 100% pass rate on the EdTPA.

III.  School Counseling Updates – Dr. Jim Klein

1.      No major changes from Fall 2016 meeting.

 a.      Strong group of applicants for Fall 2017 semester.

 b.      Awaiting CACREP Reaccreditation results.

 i.      Question was presenting regarding the effect lack of funding has on the accreditation process.  Dean Mi responded that on a program level it is less important as compared to the University accreditation process.

IV.   Educational Leadership Updates – Dr. Scott Day

1.      Redesign of Superintendent Endorsement

 a.      Required by the State of Illinois

 b.      Partnerships established with District 186, Rochester District 3A, and Tri-City District – each serving a participatory partner in the redesign process

 c.      Assessment of candidates is performed by University and the School District.

 d.      All courses and assessments linked to Educational Leader Constituent Council (ELCC) standards

 e.      Admissions requirments include: Master’s Degree, minimum GPA of 3.00, GRE Test Scores, current school principal, complete portfolio, references.

 f.      Internship is full year process, 240 hours over 2 semesters.

 g.      Elimination of Capstone Project per partner recommendations.  Replaced with additional finance course, EDL 640 (existing CSBO course).  Program remains at 36 credit hours.

V.   Title II Reports – Dr. Nancy Barrett

1.      Summary of ISBE Approved Program Test Scores

 a.        100% Pass rate for TEP EdTPA and all Content Tests

 b.      All scores well above pass level

VI.   Licensure Updates – Ms. Heather Nielsen

1.      Secondary Education Redesign

 a.       Timeline has been introduced for the new program.  Old program admissions end in 2020.

2.      Senate Bill 2912

 a.       10-year expiration date for licensure testing removed.

 b.      Provisional in-state educator license can be awarded.

 c.       Retired educators must change ELIS status to retired by 12/31/17 to avoid penalty.

 d.      Substitute teaching fee reduced and license is now renewable every 5 years without a test of basic skills being passed.

3.      Testing

 a.       Passing scores on the composite and writing component of ACT/SAT are no longer required on the same test date.

 b.      Cannot combine ACT and SAT scores.

4.      Proposed Changes to Part 25 for rules for licensure

 a.       Out for public comment until April 24th.

 b.      Change of various annual report dates by EPPs (Education Provider Program)

 c.       Additional reporting requirements.

 d.      Extends period for principal endorsement to those holding school support endorsement to June 30, 2021

 e.       Adds “out-of-state or international school” to accepted student teaching sites

 f.        Change to 5-year renewal cycle for professional development to July 1 – June 30 five years following issuance

5.      Middle school endorsement

 xa.       Those holding a PEL and those in a Teacher Prep Program can apply for a Middle School endorsement (under current rules) that miss the January 31, 2018 deadline but meet the June 30, 2020 deadline can be awarded the endorsement.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm