Fall 2017 COPE Meeting Record

Council on Professional Education

Fall 2017 Meeting
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
4:30-6:00 P.M.

Meeting Record

I.  Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Hanfu Mi, Dean CEHS

Dr. Mi called the meeting to order at 4:30.

Round table introductions followed.  Special mention of Lou Baker, Director of Student Support for District 186, and Dr. Cecilia Cornell, AVCGE.

Dr. Mi provided some quick updates including some changing policies coming with the new Secretary of Education.  Revived interest in the teacher shortage, teacher qualifications, evaluations, and pay.  Also diversification of the teacher workforce is a focus.

Terminology has been changed from a Unit to an EPP, Educator Preparation Program.

II.  Teacher Education Updates – Dr. Cindy Wilson

1.      Project MSS

a.      Initiative to change the name

b.      Hiring a new Graduate Assistant

2.      Faculty/Staff Searches

a.      Two searches for full-time tenured faculty

b.      Dr. Ronda Mitchell and Dr. Brian Kahn co-chairing the search committee.

c.      Continuing attempt to fill Office Support Staff position

3.      New Initiatives

a.      K-12 partnerships

b.      Adjunct initiative

4.      New Federal Regulation

a.      Developing process for informing students about licensure requirements in each state.

5.      Additional announcements

a.      Pat Braun elected into IL Reading Council Hall of Fame

b.      Twelve new Kappa Delta Pi initiates

c.      Dr. Mitchell is giving a review for Leading Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing Powerful Professionals.

6.      Faculty Scholarship

a.      Dr. Mitchell presented at the state conference for the Illinois Association for Teacher Educators and the National Conference for Critical Questions in Education.

b.      Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Nancy Barrett have submitted an article called, Exploring Teacher Diversity.

c.      Dr. Wilson will be giving two presentations at the Hawaii International Conference for Educators.

III.  School Counseling Updates – Dr. Jim Klein

1.      CACREP Re-accreditation

a.      Institutional response to the Self-Study submitted.

b.      Site Visit coming in Spring 2017.

IV.  Educational Leadership Updates – Dr. Scott Day

1.      Alumni Achievement

a.      Tim Chipman named 2017 Assistant Principal of the Year.

2.      Program Updates

a.      New principal preparation group with District 186 begins in summer 2018.

b.      New superintendent preparation admissions process will start in the Fall 2018.

3.      Faculty search

a.      Search for one faculty member with opportunity for leadership role within the department.

V.  Title II Reports – Dr. Nancy Barrett

1.      TEP Candidate data for 2015-16

a.      Increase of 3% in male candidates.

b.      Increase in diversity by 2% in candidates

2.      TEP Completers

a.      Twelve total with seven secondary and five elementary.

b.      100% pass rate for Content Tests.

3.      Evaluation

a.      Need to recruit more STEM candidates and minorities

b.      Continue to maintain pass rates and work to continue trends of male candidates and overall enrollments.

VI.  Licensure Updates – Ms. Heather McCullough

1.      No more short-term emergency approvals in special education after September 1, 2018.

2.      Educator Preparation Providers

a.      Candidates should be placed into a Pre-Completion status at time of enrollment until recommended for licensure.

3.      Reporting

a.      Changes to annual program reporting timelines.

b.      Must include plagiarism policy pertaining to the edTPA.

c.      All EPP’s will submit a unit report until 2019.

d.      Data Collection Pilot will require annual report in April 2018.

4.      Audit of Licensure Entitlements

a.      All IHE’s will be audited within a 5-year period.

b.      First cycle will be considered developmental.

c.      ISBE will pull entitlement reports and may review transcripts.

5.      Section 25.490 – Licensure of Persons convicted of a crime.

a.      Extends legal questions to cover pending criminal charges.

b.      Specific offenses will require 7-year waiting period to re-apply for IL licensure.

6.      K-9 Test (110) sunset date extended to 8/31/2018.

7.      Testing Requirement and Scores

a.      Changes in minimum scores dating back to 2016 for ACT and SAT.

b.      Super Scoring – combining multiple sub scores from one or multiple test administrations.

8.      Public Act 550

a.      Substitute teachers, with sub license granted after July 1, 2017, may apply for refund of application fee within 18 months of issuance.

b.      Issued if taught for at least ten full school days within one year.

VII.  Hazel Dell Initiative – Dr. Nancy Barrett

1.      Provided a brief synopsis and update regarding this initiative.

a.      Various College entities involved in supporting Hazel Dell Elementary in multiple areas of concern.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm