Fall 2016 COPE Meeting Record

Council on Professional Education

Fall 2016 Meeting
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
4:30-5:30 P.M.

Meeting Record

I.     Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Scott Day – Acting Dean

Dr. Day called the meeting to order at 4:35. Round table introductions followed.

II.    Teacher Education Updates – Dr. Cindy Wilson

1.      National Distance Learning Week

a.       Reception on November 10th honoring Ray Schroeder as he is being presented with two awards.

2.      Middle School double major passed the Campus Senate

a.       Documentation is being gathered to present to ISBE and IBHE

b.      Awaiting clarification from ISBE on information that may have a positive impact.

3.      New Federal Regulations for teacher preparation

a.       More data collection.

b.      State board will be required to grade each appropriation program

III.     School Counseling Updates – Dr. Jim Klein

1.      Dr. Bill Abler update on CACREP Accreditation

a.       Self-Study is due at the end of January 2017

b.      Site visit in Fall of 2017, three-day visit

2.      The Use of Data in School Counseling

a.       Conference taking place on UIS campus on December 2, 2016 through Illinois School Counselor Association (ISCA)

b.      Attendees can earn six professional development or continuing education from ISCA

c.       Trish Hatch, Ph.D. is the presenter.

d.      Interested students should be directed to Dr. Jim Klein: jklei4@uis.edu

3.      Recent legislation

a.       Allows School Counselors and other school service personnel to count their years of experience towards a Principal Endorsement

b.      Legislation was extended from June 2019 to June 2021

4.      Career placement

a.       Once completing the School Counseling program, students are eligible for their professional educator license with an endorsement in school counseling but also eligible for professional counseling licensure through the State of Illinois.

b.      Graduates finding gainful employment within a year.

c.       Recent (2014) ratio from Illinois Supply and Demand Report is 2.7:1, counselors to jobs.

d.      Projected as a high need area of employment.

IV.     Educational Leadership Updates – Dr. Scott Day

1.      Internship Framework for Superintendent’s Endorsement

a.       Spring semester spent finishing the internship framework, all Universities must go through a redesign process before offering the new program.

b.      All pieces have been approved by department, should be able to send on to state government levels in early spring 2017

c.       One cohort currently in session

V.     Title II Reports – Dr. Nancy Barrett

1.      Summary of Title II Data

a.       Predominantly Caucasian with above average enrollment of males and Hispanics

b.      English, History and Psychology are highest among majors by completers

c.       High pass rates in test scores

d.      PowerPoint can be viewed here https://www.uis.edu/cehs/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2013/03/2016-Title-II-Report-Card-Summary.pdf

VI.     Licensure Updates – Ms. Heather Nielsen

1.      ISBE has new website

a.       Should be available end of 2016 or beginning of 2017

2.      ISBE concerns

a.       High turnover rate causing potentially incorrect answers to questions regarding licensure, etc.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm