​Engagement, Innovation, and Impact at CBM

The College of Business and Management takes pride in developing an environment of engagement, innovation, and impact both in teaching and scholarly activity.  A few highlights of some of the many accomplishments are listed below.

Professor Sharma is named University of Illinois System’s University Scholar

Dr. Sudeep Sharma, Ph.D., assistant professor of Management, MMO Department, was named the 2020University Scholar. This is the highest honor in the University of Illinois System awarded to faculty members who have excelled in scholarship. Dr. Sharma’s exploration on how individual differences like emotions impact negotiations has been published in top journals like Emotion and Human Performance. His scholarship has been recognized internationally as well. Dr. Sharma was awarded a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service to be a visiting professor in summer of 2020 at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg’sInstitute for Management and Organization.

Professor Shipra Gupta named first CBM Faculty Scholar

Congratulations to Prof. Shipra Gupta, the first recipient of the College of Business and Management’s Faculty Scholar Award for the 2019-2020 Academic Year!

Dr. Shipra Gupta, associate professor of Marketing, MMO Department, was awarded the UI Public Voices Fellowship for 2020-2021. The program’s mission is to increase the public impact of scholars and to help their ideas influence important topics in the country. Dr Gupta’s scholarship in perceived scarcity and other traits of retail environments has offered insights to other researchers and practitioners to understand how consumers perceive and react to retail experiences that have dramatically changed due to COVID-19.

Publications in Top Journals

The faculty of the CBM consistently publish in top-tier journals as ranked by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List. The following is just a small sample of the rigorous research published by our faculty:

Coskun, M., Gupta, S., & Burnaz, S. (2020). Store disorderliness effect: shoppers’ competitive behaviours in a fast-fashion retail store. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 48(7), 763-779. (ABDC Category: A).

Farshadkhah S., Van Slyke, C. & Fuller, B. (2021). Onlooker effect and affective responses in information security violation mitigation, Computers & Security, 100(1), 1-16. (ABDC: A)

Gholami, R. Singh, N., Agrawal, P., Espinosa, K., & Bamufleh, D., Information Technology/Systems Adoption in Public Sector: Evidence from Illinois Department of Transportation, Journal of Global Information Management, Accepted. (ABDC Category: A).

Gholami R., Emrouznejad A., Alnsour, Y. Kartal, H.B., & Veselova, J. (2020). The Impact of Smart Meter Installation on Attitude Change towards Energy Consumption Behavior among Northern Ireland Households, Journal of Global Information Management 28(4), Forthcoming. (ABDC Category: A).

Goel, S., & Karri, R. (2020). Entrepreneurial aspirations and poverty reduction: The role of institutional context. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 32(1-2), 91-111. (ABDC Category: A).

Sharma, S., Elfenbein, H. A., Sinha, R., & Bottom, W. P. (2020). The interpersonal effects of emotional expressions in negotiation: A meta-analysis and future directions for research. Human Performance. In print. (ABDC Category: A).

CBM Star Student

The College of Business and Management is excited to present some of our star students. We invite you to be inspired by a recent graduate Susannah Sinclair.


The faculty of the CBM is highly engaged in their disciplines and the communities. The following are some recent highlights:

AEF Department

Dr. Ahmad Juma’h (AEF Faculty)

  • Speaker at the Insurance and Financial Industry Conference for Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers. The title of the presentation was Blockchain Technology Use in Financial Entities: Opportunities and Challenges.
  • New Faculty Orientation 2020: Jointly with other colleagues, presented Open Educational Resources (OER) for new faculty who joined UIS in August 2020. Presenters discussed how to use OER and why.
  • Assurance of Student Learning Day: In October 2020, jointly with other university professors, presented Analyzing data in Assessment.
  • In 2020, Dr. Juma’h acted as doctoral thesis chair for two students at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, who completed their theses. The titles of these theses are:
    • Comparative performance analysis of passive vs active strategy in asset management of mutual funds using panel data of PR and USA, 1987-2018. By: Bethzaida Lebron Rivera, 11/13/2020.
    • Factors influencing investors to engage in derivatives use: Evidence from locally owned firms in Puerto Rico. By: Nancy M. Santos, 06/01/2020.

Dr. Salem Boumediene (AEF Faculty)

  • Dr. Boumediene serves in the American Accounting Association and Western Decision Sciences Institute in various positions.
  • The professor is the Western Region Coordinator for the Gender Issues and Worklife Balance section of the American Accounting Association (2020-preset).

MMO Department

Dr. Shipra Gupta (MMO Faculty)

  • In Fall 2020, Dr. Shipra Gupta was invited to teach Consumer Behavior and Retailing (graduate level class) at THI University, Ingolstadt, Germany.
    • Guest Panelist- Competing in the COVID-19 Environment: How to Innovate and Adapt Your Business Model, organized by the webinars led by the University of Illinois Springfield’s Office of Economic Development and Innovation, College of Business and Management, College of Public Affairs and Administration and Innovate Springfield, this webinar series is aimed at providing our local community with expert information and quality resources to navigate these challenging times.
  • Dr. Gupta’s research on perceived scarcity and how it relates to consumer behavior, in Spring 2020 during COVID 19 pandemic, gained considerable media attention by outlets such as the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy Harvard Kennedy School and Vogue India.

MIS Department

Dr. Hasan Kartal (MIS Faculty)

  • The Department of MIS encourages students to participate in student organizations. It promotes two student chapters of academic and professional organizations related to Information Sciences: (i) Student Chapter of Association of Information Systems (AIS), and in the field of Management, (ii) the Society for Advancement of Management (SAM). The chapters are mentored and advised by MIS faculty members. UIS’ SAM chapter was recognized as the Student Organization of the Year at UIS (2019), received the Pursuit of Excellence award of the University Of Illinois Board Of Trustees (2019) and was awarded the National Best Student Chapter of SAM (2019-2020).


  • Prof. Jorge Villegas has created an experiential learning opportunity leading a group of students in the development of a social marketing campaign funded by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ($15,000).
  • Prof. Feng-Shun Bin is a pioneer in two innovative areas of scholarship: stock market reactions to legislative events by the gambling industry in the USA and other nations and StockTrak’s (a portfolio simulation) effect on learning outcomes.
  • Prof. Laurel Newman is one of our most active researchers and practitioners in online education in the University of Illinois System. She is the founder and chair of the Community for Practice and Learning for E-Learning (COPE-L), a group of scholars interested in promoting and sharing best practices in online education. Prof. Newman and members of this group were recently recognized with a national award for effective practice from the Online Learning Consortium.


  • Prof. Bill Kline has obtained up to $80,000 a year from a grant to fund (1) a postdoc fellow who currently teaches Business, Ethics, and Society; (2) student outreach through the Weekend Exploring Liberty and (3) Speakers at UIS addressing issues of ethics and markets.
  • A recent graduate of the Accounting program has been asked to present his capstone work on the monitoring of third party collection agencies of student debt to several regional and national conferences.  He now serves as the Associate Director of the University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations department at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.
  • The BUS department in conjunction with the Counseling Center received $15,000 from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility to develop a social marketing campaign targeting undergraduate students who live on campus.
  • The MIS Department faculty members at UIS have served as President, and At-Large Director for the Midwest Association for Information Systems. They have also served as Program Chair, Program Co-Chair, and Program Member for the last 11 years.
  • The MIS Department at UIS publishes the open-access Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems. Professor Rassule Hadidi is the founding and Managing Editor of this journal.