Academic Transfer Policies

College of Business and Management (CBM) Policy on the Use of Transfer Coursework to Fulfill College Core Courses
Effective Fall 2009

I. Policy for Using Transfer Credit to Fulfill College Core Requirements

This policy addresses the use of courses completed at another educational institution to fulfill the College Core course requirements, which must be completed by all CBM undergraduate students. The College Core consists of the following UIS courses:

BUS 302 Principles of Financial Management
BUS 312 Principles of Marketing
BUS 322 Operations Management
BUS 331 Business and Society
MGT 310 Managing Organizational Behavior
MIS 352 Principles of MIS
MGT 488 Strategic Management and Leadership

A. With the exception of MGT 488, which is addressed below, the following requirements must be met in order for transfer credit to fulfill an upper division College Core course requirement:

  • The course must be an upper division course, taken at an upper level institution.
  • The course must have been completed within the six years prior to admission.
  • A grade of C or better must be earned in each course requested for transfer.
  • No more than 3 courses or 9 hours of transfer credit may be used to fulfill CBM College Core coursework.
  • At least 50% of all major credit hours must be completed at UIS.

B. MGT 488, Strategic Management, must be completed at UIS.

The College reserves the right to enter into Articulation Agreements (2+2 Agreements) that incorporate the transfer of course credit outside these limitations. All Articulation Agreements must be approved by the College Curriculum Committee and documentation must be provided to demonstrate that any courses being used to fulfill College Core requirements meets appropriate learning outcomes.

II. Procedure for Student to Request that Transfer Credit Be Used to Fulfill College Core Requirement(s)

A. It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate and provide documentation that coursework completed at another educational institution meets the requirements to fulfill a College Core requirement.

B. UIS must be provided an official transcript before any consideration may be given for the transfer of coursework completed at another institution.

C. A UIS Admissions Evaluator must verify that a course is eligible for transfer credit.

D. A student petition must be completed to request that transfer credit be used to fulfill a College Core requirement. The petition must provide the following information for each course that is being proposed to fulfill a College Core requirement:

  • The transfer course number and title. The course number should identify the level of the course.
  • The year and semester when coursework was completed (e.g. Fall 2004).
  • The grade earned.
  • The name of the educational institution where coursework was completed.
  • Which CBM College Core is proposed as comparable to the transfer course.
  • A course description for the transferred course must be provided.
  • Students may also be required to submit a course syllabus.

III. Test-Based, Duel Enrollment, and Military Credit