Upcoming Conferences and projects

CBR projects and conferences address the nexus of the public and private interest that are at the core of the regulation of private business interests in relation to the public interest.

smart gridConference: Energy and Transportation Convergence: Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Grid Modernization

November 13, 2009, Chicago, IL

This conference addresses the vehicle-to-grid technology and electric grid modernization and implications for economic, environmental and regulatory policy in the coming years. This conference will gather regulators and industry experts to discuss these key issues. To register for this conference please click here.

smart gridIllinois Smart Grid Initiative

In 2008 the Galvin Electric Initiative funded the Illinois Smart Grid
Initiative through the Center for Neighborhood Technologies. The ISGI
explored public policy issues and consumer benefits from deployment
of modern digital technologies in the electric grid. CBR staff member
Carl Peterson was a senior member of the ISGI and contributed to the
ISGI final report.

climate changeIllinois Climate Change Dialogue

CBR is currently in the development phase of a project that seeks a partnership with stakeholders in Illinois to discuss the critical issues at the heart of the climate change debate statewide, nationally, and globally. With increased awareness of the potential dangers that climate change poses and the potential costs of both action and inaction, policymakers and stakeholders need to grapple with the policy decisions that will affect every Illinois

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