CBM Faculty, Staff and Administrators Welcome New Freshman Business Students

As part of the Fall 2018 Welcome Week activities for new Freshman students, the College of Business and Management hosted a “Minute to Win It – CBM Style” event for new Freshman Business students and student who have not yet declared their major.

The “Minute to Win It – CBM Style” event included Business themed games – (each game had a minute time limit)

Marketing Segmentation

The goal of this game was to pile up 50 candy-coated chocolates and then sort them by color. The trick here was players could only use one hand, and must sort the candies one at a time according to a color pattern.


The object was to throw a playing card at a halved watermelon and have it stick for three seconds.

Debits and Credits

The goal of this game was to separate the “debit” and “credit” ping pong balls into the appropriate bowls by using a plastic spoon in the player’s mouth and the player could not use their hands.

Moving Towards Equilibrium

The goal was to stack plastic cups and index cards, then pull out the index cards so that the cups fall onto one another –  without knocking over the tower of cards and cups.

Taking Out the Competition

The goal was to knock all 6 plastic cups down using rubber band sling shots in under a minute.

Rational Choice

The object of the game was to blow all of the cards off the table without blowing off the kings.

Increase Revenue

The object of the game was to successfully flip 10 pencils off the back of the player’s hand and catch them all at once.