About the College

The College of Business and Management offers a select number of programs that prepare students for challenging careers and positions in private and public sector organizations.

Reflecting the historic diversity of the campus community, the college is committed to addressing through its curriculum content and delivery the needs of both traditional and nontraditional learners in the Springfield community and beyond.


The College of Business and Management is accredited by
AACSB International.

  • AACSB International
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    Tampa, FL 33602-5730 USA
    Tel: 813-769-6500
    Fax: 813-769-6559

The college and campus are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Degrees, Minors, and Concentrations

Students in the College of Business and Management may earn undergraduate degrees in:

  • accountancy
  • business administration (concentrations available in management and marketing)
  • economics
  • management information systems

All of these programs share certain core skill-based and knowledge-based goals essential to managerial effectiveness. Skills include communication, ethical understanding and reasoning, analysis, and problem solving. The common knowledge base addresses the following areas: ethical responsibilities in organizations ands society; financial theories, analysis, reporting, and markets; creation of values through integrated production and distribution of goods and services; group and individual dynamics in organizations; domestic and global economic environments; and understanding the multicultural

Undergraduates may also earn a minor in:

  • accountancy
  • general business
  • marketing
  • economics
  • management
  • management information systems

The college offers masters degrees in:

  • accountancy
  • business
  • management information systems

These are advanced professional programs that examine
the theory and practice of organizational management
in general or in particular areas of organizations.

Online Degrees:

  • Bachelor and Master of Science: Management Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

See our Online Curriculum for more information.