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About UIS Navigate

UIS Navigate logoUIS Navigate is an online platform that allows you to connect with your classroom and advisees, and empower more of your students to succeed. UIS Navigate will also simplify your day by simplifying one of the most time-consuming but, also, the most important tasks you have – advising.

Minimize the administrative end, streamline your workload, manage at-risk students, easily coordinate care with other units, send alerts and even group notifications. All with a few clicks on your desktop.

Key Features

Schedule advising appointments: Beginning in Fall 2019, students you advise will be able to see your availability and book on the spot. UIS Navigate then sends students a reminder email and/or text. You can also schedule individual appointments on your end. You will be able to see at a glance who has come in during the semester and with whom you still need to meet. Staff-initiated appointment scheduling is available April 5, 2019.

Course history, previous majors, grades and withdrawals, degree progress – all at your fingertips: UIS Navigate helps you prepare for advising appointments and monitor the academic progress of all the students you advise.

Target specific groups of students: Searching for all of your advisees on academic probation? Need to contact all students in History? Seeking to identify all high performers to target for internship opportunities? UIS Navigate makes it easy by allowing you to filter for specific criteria. Then you can run a report to review, or send that cohort an automatic email or text message.

Manage and advise at-risk students: Investing your time and energy in the students who need it most is critical. Faculty early alert campaigns let advisors know which students are at-risk in specific courses. Predicted risk levels appear on all student reports beginning Fall 2019. Support the students who need it most and have the data you need when they arrive in your office.

Alert your students: Quickly notify your advisees about important classroom updates – like a cancellation, reminder about an exam, or room change. You can sort and select any or all of your students and send a mass email with attachments directly from the UIS Navigate platform.

Keep everyone in the loop: In one click, see every interaction a student has had with support staff campus-wide. UIS Navigate keeps a record of all communication, appointments, meeting notes, and class attendance. Never dig through piles of paperwork for that information ever again.

Track your impact: Ever wonder whether you are making a difference? Outreach analytics show you which emails were the most impactful, while campaign management tools will track progress for each of your targeted campaigns.

Streamline and organize your calendar: This technology can go beyond management of your student interactions. Use UIS Navigate to manage all your appointments and availabilities. It syncs with your Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar.


Is UIS Navigate more user-friendly than Starfish?
With EAB there are fewer surveys and, thus, faculty are not required to provide as much or as detailed information. The information collected by EAB is relevant and provides for a very efficient and effective system of student care.

Will there be training on how to use UIS Navigate?
Yes, there are multiple opportunities during Summer 2019 to learn how to use the system. Academic leadership in your college will be notifying the departments about scheduling training and, also, dates and locations for walk-in assistance.

How do I access this platform?
The platform is accessible through your desktop and you will receive a URL to bookmark when it is ready. The platform is scheduled to Go Live on June 11, 2019. This summer, all faculty and professional advisors will have access to training on how to use the platform and take advantage of all its features. You will hear much more about UIS Navigate throughout Summer 2019.

How do I use this platform for scheduling?
Instead of taping your office hours on your door, you post your availability in UIS Navigate and students sign up for their appointments. No more back and forth emails, or waiting for students to respond. You also have the ability to see who is coming when and pull up their information, a big plus when you are seeing new advisees whose names you are still learning.

What if someone cancels? Will I know?
Yes. The platform automatically emails or texts students (they indicate preference on their end) to remind them of their upcoming appointment. If they need to cancel or reschedule, the platform notifies you immediately.

To which student information will I have access?
Course history, the students’ previous majors, their progress and performance, holds, academic probation, how many withdrawals, relevant notes on the student from other units on campus and more. The Class Info page is a plus because it shows a student’s progression — helpful in painting a picture of a student to see whether there is a positive or negative trend. You can also view a student’s SAT/ACT and high school GPA values to help you frame your discussion and gauge whether a student is performing as well as he or she is capable.

Is it all confidential?
Yes. Only platform users who need this information will have access. Your interactions with students will only be seen by users who absolutely need this information for appropriate monitoring or intervention.

How do I best communicate with my students through UIS Navigate?
Beside scheduling appointments, this is how you send mass emails or texts (they will indicate their preference on their end) to your students or send individual notifications. This is also where you store the information you talked about during your interactions – the courses for registration, summer intern plans, post-graduation goals, and more. You can share this information with your students if they forget, or just use it to stay on top of their academic lives and prepare for future meetings with them. Students will notice the attention!

How does UIS Navigate help me assist struggling students?
As a faculty instructor and/or advisor, you are closest to students’ academic progress on campus. In UIS Navigate, you can quickly notify a student or other support services that they might need additional support to succeed in your class. That could be anything from tutoring to financial assistance. Also, you might receive an email seeking feedback for specific students in your class from another unit (approved for access) on campus. Streamlined Progress Reports (early alerts) within UIS Navigate allow you to quickly navigate the request and provide feedback.

Can I use UIS Navigate for the mundane notifications, too, such as “class has been moved to a new location tonight”?
Yes. Class relocations, cancellations, reminders about an exam, internship opportunities, and more, UIS Navigate does it easily and quickly.