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About UIS Navigate

UIS Navigate logoUIS Navigate is an online platform that allows you to connect with your classroom and advisees, and empower more of your students to succeed. UIS Navigate will also simplify your day by simplifying one of the most time-consuming but, also, the most important tasks you have – advising.

Minimize the administrative end, streamline your workload, manage at-risk students, easily coordinate care with other units, send alerts and even group notifications. All with a few clicks on your desktop.

How can we help?

If you have questions, would like to schedule training for your academic, or have suggestions for how we can support your needs, please email the Navigate coordinator.


A Guide to Navigate Alerts – Alerts are a key element of UIS’s overall retention effort. They are not intended to replace the guidance and mentorship you already provide to students in your classes. Instead, they are a way to assist you and complement your current efforts by connecting your students to resources, or to simply to send kudos to let a student that their hard work is paying off.

Time-sensitive Text Messaging –  Sometimes a text is a better option than an email, particularly if you need to let your students know something quickly or unexpectedly.  For example, you might need to let students know that class is cancelled – our commuter students get frustrated when they drive from another city only to find that there is a note on the door telling them class is cancelled.  

Do  you have an idea for a how-to resource faculty need? Email the Navigate Coordinator.